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You will find here my Biosketch, and below series of videos and links of scientific and general public conferences I delivered.

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L'article à l'occasion du lancement de l'annee de la biologie au CNRS ICI

L'interview avec Florence Heimburger à Capscience avec curieux Live sur la mémoire (le 17 Juin 2021)

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L'interview dans curieux Live sur la mémoire

Le reportage dans TV7 sur la création de notre laboratoire de recherche commun avec Alvéole

FaceBook Live Lancement du partenariat avec Overcome SynGap1

23 Octobre 2020 (à partir de 3'10)

Les grandes avancées en Neuroscience, technologies et imagerie

Remise des prix FRC 2020

From Nanoscale Dynamic Organization to Plasticity of Excitatory Synapses and Learning.

This is the video plus slides of the conference I gave for the presidential lecture @ the Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2018 in San Diego, kindly introduced by Richard Huganir. You can find the high resolution version here.

Les sciences du vivant: bouleversements et promesses du XXIe siecle

with Catherine Jessus from the CNRS-INSB.

Inauguration of the new Neuroscience research center Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine

See the [video->] report/interview of France 3 television realized during the inauguration of the new Neuroscience research center Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine on Thursday 28th September 2017 in Bordeaux.


La Tête au carré

September 2017: Interview (French) in the science radio "la Tête au carré" speaking about our 2017 Nature paper, [click here->]

Promotion of the Bordeaux Imaging Center

October 2017 : Promotion of the Bordeaux Imaging Center

TEDx Cerveau & Lumière

March 2015: Video TEDx Cerveau & Lumière - A talk on 'Light to understand and control the brain' by Daniel Choquet [Video ->]

One of our 2015 Neuron paper

February 2015, the video of our Neuron paper ""Glutamate-Induced AMPA Receptor Desensitization Increases Mobility and Modulates Short-Term Plasticity through Unbinding from Stargazin""

Molecular Imaging of the Synapse

December 17, 2014: A talk on "Molecular Imaging of the Synapse" by Daniel Choquet at the "Chemistry and Brain" Symposium organized November 12th, 2014, by the Foundation of the Maison de la Chimie (Paris). Download the videos of the conference and the issues: [here->]

Neuroinformatics 2014 in Leiden

September 5, 2014: Daniel Choquet Keynote lecture at Neuroinformatics 2014 in Leiden (The Netherlands) on 'A nanoscale view into the dynamic of AMPA receptor organization in synapses' [Video ->]



October 2013, Cervorama, exposition interactive organisée par Cap Sciences à Bordeaux


8th FENS Forum on Neuroscience - Barcelona, July 18, 2012

February 29, 2012: Interview with Daniel Choquet as Plenary Lecturer at the 8th FENS Forum on Neuroscience - Barcelona, July 18, 2012 - A talk about Synapse function and organization at the nanoscale [Video->]


March 2011: LabEx BRAIN presentation by Daniel Choquet [Video->]

Lycée Camille Jullian

March 16, 2011: Vidéo de la conférence de Daniel Choquet au Lycée Camille Jullian Bordeaux sur Le nanomonde de la synapse: [link->]