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Research Projects

High-content screening imaging of living organoids

Project Leader(s): Rémi Galland

Collaborators: V. Viasnoff (MBI, NUS), Treefrog Therapeutics, Reflect.

Organotypic 3D cell cultures, i.e. organoids (method of year 2018), emerge as game changer for health science. Turning organoids into an impactful personalized medicine and drug screening tools includes regulating and assessing self-organization to generate organoids that develop deterministically, robustly and to physiologically relevant shapes and sizes. We are engineering a versatile high-content screening (HCS) platform to streamline multiplexed confined organoid culture with long-term high-resolution 3D live imaging. It will rely on the combination of our soSPIM imaging technology, new microfabricated devices for multiplexed growing and imaging organoids, and deep learning-based morphological analysis. It will enable to quantify disease and drug induced variability in organotypic cultures, exploiting organoid full predictive potential in health science.



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