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Available positions

Team CHOQUET : Engineer in super-resolution microscopy

Within the team "Dynamic Organization of Synapses", the engineer will be tasked to conduct super-resolution imaging experiments based on single molecule detection, STED, expansion microscopy, etc. for the study of the nanoscale organization of synaptic proteins.

He/she will be placed under the direct responsibility of the group leader and will work closely with the other researchers in the team to provide support to all of the team's projects requiring super-resolution approaches. He/she will also work in partnership with the other teams in the unit using these approaches as well as with the Bordeaux Imaging Center imaging platform and will participate in the team's internal and external collaborative projects. He/she will be required to work in international collaborations in this area. He/she will be responsible for the development of new sample preparation and image acquisition protocols. He/she will participate in the methodological and instrumental developments in super-resolution imaging carried out within the team. It will also process and analyze the corresponding data. He/she will provide advice and support to team members on these technologies. He/she will conduct projects, analyze, render and trace the results.

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Team ELEGHEERT : 2 ERC-funded postdoctoral research positions

2 ERC-funded postdoctoral research positions are available immediately to study the structure and therapeutic targeting of neuronal cell-surface receptors and protein complexes.

The projects will involve mammalian protein production, protein chemistry, biophysical interaction analysis, X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM and discovery of Nanobodies (Nbs).

The candidate(s) must hold a PhD degree and have less than two years of post-doctoral experience at the start of the contract. The candidate(s) should have a solid background in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or structural biology. Experience with (i) mammalian expression systems (HEK293 cell lines), (ii) biophysical analysis methods (surface plasmon resonance, isothermal titration calorimetry, microscale thermophoresis, etc.), and (iii) X-ray crystallography or cryo-EM, is preferred. The candidate should be highly motivated, a team player, and have a can-do problem-solving attitude.

The project will be carried out under the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Jonathan Elegheert at the IINS in Bordeaux, France, which is recognised for its expertise in molecular and cellular neuroscience, and which is further embedded within the Bordeaux Neurocampus, a vibrant community of more than 700 neuroscientists.

For project details and all other inquiries, please contact;

Dr. Jonathan Elegheert
E-mail :
Tel : +33-(0)

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Team ROUX : The team is hiring!

Open postdoctoral position on ERC SociOlfa project. Motivated candidates can send their application and CV to:


Team TAKAHASHI : We are hiring!

We currently have open positions for two postdocs and one technical assistant.

The postdoc positions belong to the recently funded project “Cellular and circuit basis of attentional modulation of tactile sensory processing” (by ATIP-Avenir2020). In this project, we will apply in vivo imaging methods to investigate cortical sensory processing at the subcellular resolution (i.e., synapses, dendrites) in head-fixed mice performing a tactile task.

The successful candidate holding a PhD will show proven experience in neurophysiology (e.g., two-photon imaging, electrophysiology, mouse behavior) in addition to a strong scientific motivation. Programing skills in matlab or python are required.

For the Technical assistant position, the suitable candidate will have skills in one or more of: immunohistochemistry, epi-fluorescent/confocal microscopy, stereotactic surgery, handing and training mice, programming (matlab, python).

Please send your CV, a short description of research interest, and the name and contact details of two referees to