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Cell Biology Core Facility

The strong need of primary cultured cells, plasmids and proteins productions, calls for the reinforcement of those activities as a central resource of expertise. Many IINS research groups which have expertise in cell biology have joined their efforts to mutualize resources and optimize efficiency. In addition, many groups specialized in imaging, electrophysiology or behavior can benefit of the access to an open resource in cell biology. IINS has thus created a common core service "Cell biology facility" that coordinates production of primary neuronal cultures, molecular biology tools and biochemistry. In addition, this core facility can respond to specific requests, pending agreement, to perform primary neuronal cultures, construct cDNAs of interest, plasmid handling, maxiprep preparations, protein expression and validation or production of functionalized probes. It also acts as a bridge with the FNB biochemistry core facility. The cellular facility is composed by 18 peoples, 1 working full time for the facility, 3 from the common technical support, 14 technical staff from Choquet, Groc, Thoumine, Perrais, Giannone, Mulle teams.

Expertise and Ressources

  • Hippocampal neuronal cellular production on rat or mice models
  • Organotypic slices production on rat or mice models
  • Maintaining heterologous cell lines
  • Plasmid maxipreparation
  • Protein functionalization
  • Centralized expertise for cell culture, molecular biology and biochemistry projects

  • Members

    COUSSEN: Francoise  /  Researcher




    ANGIBAUD: Julie  /  Technical staff




    BOUCHET TESSIER: Delphine  /  Technical staff




    BOUIT: Lou  /  Technical staff




    BREILLAT: Christelle  /  Technical staff




    CHEVRIER: Nicolas  /  Technical staff




    COUGOUILLES: Elodie  /  Technical staff




    Daburon: Sophie  /  Technical staff




    DEFORGES: Severine  /  Technical staff




    FABRE: Mélanie  /  Technical staff




    GAUTRON: Justine  /  Technical staff




    GIRARD: Jordan  /  Technical staff




    LACQUEMANT: Audrey  /  Technical staff




    LEMOIGNE: Cécile  /  Technical staff




    MANSO: Constance  /  Technical staff




    MUNIER: Matthieu  /  Technical staff




    RETAILLEAU: Natacha  /  Technical staff




    ROUDEAU: Stéphane  /  Technical staff




    STERLING: Remi  /  Technical staff




    TESSIER: Beatrice  /  Technical staff




    VERDIER: Emeline  /  Technical staff




    Instructions for users

    The cell culture resource of IINS can help you in setting up your culture system. It can also provide one of the cellular model quoted above on a contract basis. In case of needs you can contact the head of the facility :


    New member

    A newcomer recently joined our team. Audrey Lacquemant is now working in the cell biology facility. Welcome to her!